Artist Bio
Catherine Jeltes . . . Gallery Zoo Art

Art From Nature

My natural style is what I refer to as ABSTRACT REALISM. I use a minimalist approach that dances with color, line, shape, and form, adding touches of identifiable components such as flowers, animals, and botanicals.  My art explores our connection to nature.

I have what I refer to as AADD--Art Attention Deficit Disorder. I have so many ideas I want to explore that I always have several projects going on simultaneously. It is because of my AADD that I have embraced another medium--jewelry design.

*GALLERY ZOO ART supports global conservation efforts.


PAINTINGS: Each painting is an original, authentic piece of art created and signed by me. Only professional grade acrylic paints and canvases are used. Each painting is finished with a coat of satin gloss to protect from UV light. Paintings are professionally packaged when shipped.

FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHS: Each print is made from an original image created by me and personally printed by me on professional grade paper. Only the highest quality archival inks are used. Every print is signed. Only acid-free archival mat boards are used. Prints are shipped flat in plastic archival sleeves.


If you are ready to become part of the process of creating truly unique artwork for your home or business, contact me to create a piece you will enjoy for years to come.


"Life is a canvas--throw all the paint on it you want."
--Danny Kaye