Inside My Artwork

Modern Floral Art: Indigo Flower Painting Series

 Flowers. The loose brush strokes and fluid style in my abstract flower painting series captures the energy that resonates through Mother Nature as winter recedes and the earth begins to burst with new growth. For the Indigo Blue Flower Series, I wanted something modern yet classic--and…(continue reading)

Spring Is Coming! New Home Decor Florals To Brighten Your Space

 Ahhh...spring is in the air.  And with it, the urge to redecorate is strong.  As the days get longer and spring gets seductively closer, I find myself drawn to fresh color combinations to bring a new look and pop of color to my home decor.  It's true you don't need to spend a lot…(continue reading)

Original Art: Abstract Mixed Media Painting Equinox

 Il est fini.  After many phases, layers of paint, and varying textures, this large 24 x 36 inch mixed media painting titled Equinox is complete.  This painting truly was a labor of love.  The palette that evolved is warm and welcoming: the energy of the oranges and yellows balances…(continue reading)

Painting in Black and White: A Bold Art Palette

October.   The month of Halloween.  The season of scary.  A time when fall fashion is in full swing.  The one color that fits all those things?  Black. Black is a classic color for a reason.  Black is BOLD.  Black is striking.  It compliments both decor…(continue reading)

Art On The Work Table: In the Painting Studio

This week's post is a bit short. When not busy juggling the ins & outs of the art studio, I have had the awesome time-suck opportunity to investigate copyright violations of my artwork.  Good to know it appears I have joined the ranks of the visually infringed.  Sigh.  Moving…(continue reading)