Studio Bits

Art Painting In Progress: Zoo Art For Nursery--Giraffe

Yay!  My commission triptych--animal art paintings for a nursery--is at last complete.  At 10" x 20" x 1.5", the final painting of a baby giraffe is larger than the baby rhino and baby hippo...(or should I say taller?) making it perfect to vary the art display to suit the wall space. …(continue reading)

Art Prints: How To Make Different Prints From One Painting

In April I wrote a blog post titled "Art Photography:  How To Use One Image To Make Different Prints."  The same concept can be applied to using a single painting to make different prints.  Ever create a painting and wonder how it would look--or sell--in a different palette?  Here…(continue reading)

Feeling Mellow? Purple Art Photography For A Rainy Day

Rainy days--especially during the warmer days of spring and summer--tend to fill me with a sense of mellowness and nostalgia.  Muted purples and greys further reflect this tranquil mood, and I find myself drawn to that dreamy world where the only sound is the drip, drip of raindrops rolling off…(continue reading)

Art Photography Print and Canvas Print Pricing

 It may seem that art photography prints and fine art prints listed on my website are different prices than what you see in my Etsy shop.  Why is that?  Two reasons: The photograph or art print may be listed in different sizesPhotography and art print pricing on my website includes…(continue reading)

Art Photography: How To Use One Image To Make Different Prints

How many hours are in a day?  Easy.  Not enough.  We all spend our days trying to be efficient, trying to get the most things done in the least amount of time.  As an artist, I know how long it can take to develop a painting to its completion or to take that perfect picture. …(continue reading)