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Custom Floral Art: Indigo Flower Paintings on Paper

One of my favorite excuses for not  blogging is painting. This time around I quite happily blame it on my latest commission based on my Indigo Flower Series.  This custom floral collection is a series of nine 10x10 inch abstract flowers on cotton ragg paper in indigo/navy blue.  All…(continue reading)

How I Use My iPhone To Market and Manage My Art Business

I love my iPhone. You probably hear many other people say this, but probably not for the reason I am about to give you. I love my iPhone for marketing and managing my online art business. Before I got my iPhone, I never had a smart phone.  My phone--which I reluctantly carried once…(continue reading)

Original Art: Modern Floral Painting On Canvas Wisps

After several months of working with my abstract flower paintings series on paper, I was able to design the first of my modern floral series on canvas.  Titled Wisps, it is a still life portrait of four flowers in shades of yellow, white, and brown presenting on a gray background with a hint of…(continue reading)

St. Louis Springtime Flower Tour Via iPhone

Spring has arrived in St. Louis in glorious scented color.  As it's quite simply too beautiful to be cooped up in my studio, I've decided to try an experiment and tour my neighborhood with my iPhone, snapping photos of spring as I go.  Here is a snippet of my discoveries...   Star…(continue reading)

How To Make A Simple Copper Band Ring

 Hammered Copper Wide Band Ring By now you may know that copper is my favorite metal to work with.  As a base metal, it's less expensive than silver, it's rustic, warm in tone, and allows for a rainbow of patinas.  With some basic tools, you can make a simple copper band ring that…(continue reading)