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10 Things You Don't Know About Artist and Jewelry Designer Catherine Jeltes

Here are ten random things you probably don't know about me.
1.  I worked directly with elephants, rhinos, and hippos for seventeen years.  Nothing quite like having a sleepy rhino lay his head in my lap.
2.  I can hop on a pogo stick really, really, well.
3.  I am intrinsically and irrefutably a night owl, through and through.  Years of getting up at six am for work and having a child have not changed that, so why fight it?
4.  I have driven a bobcat.  Once.
5.  I ate ten scoops of ice cream, plus two toppings, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry, just to get my photograph on a bulletin board in an ice cream parlor while on vacation in 1999.  My lips were actually blue.
6.   I had a bullfrog as a pet as a child, along with various toads and box turtles.
7.  I went on a three mile hiking excursion that turned into an overnight camping trip and 26 miles.  I felt really empowered after that.  Unfortunately, one of my friends no longer hikes anywhere that there are not paved asphalt trails.
8.  While walking along a beach in Virginia, I found a seashell with a live baby octopus inside.  It was one of the most delicate and beautiful things that I still associate with that vacation.
9.  I was ultrasounding pregnant elephants when I was eight months pregnant.
10.  I love all kinds of music, ranging from Evanescence, Billy Joel, Nickelback,  to...yes, to Barry Mannilow.  OK, I admit it...I am a Mannilow fan.  And proud of it.


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louise (lu) said:

Hello, I enjoy your website, range of art - I'm looking at it and feeling inspired to create my own (a fledgling Australian artistic creator who relies on an interesting world view, more than technical expertise). Your comments regarding the artistic process as being more precious than $$$$ (or thereabouts) is valuable. May I inquire, did you create this comprehensive website via empty easel ($30 a month)? Look forward to your newsletter

Saturday, July 18th

Catherine said:

Hi Lu--

Thanks so much for your kind comments! Yes, I did create this website using Folio Twist, via Empty Easel. I am not sure how many artists there are currently, but if you are one of the first 100 artists to sign up, you will receive a cheaper rate--and that rate will be good for life :o)

Best of luck to you in your creative endeavors!

Warm regards--


Saturday, August 1st