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Copper Jewelry Rustic Element Design

Giving customers a peek at what I envision when designing jewelry forced me to articulate what I am drawn to as an artisan and why.  In other words, how do I describe my designs?
Commercial store-bought jewelry rarely appeals to me. I want that rustic, handmade feel to my jewelry--unique pieces that capture the personality and essence of the wearer.
Artisan Copper Greek Patina Pendant
My designs have an earthy appeal, offering a sense of history and personal story that is nature based. They are very textural and tactile, appearing time-worn and well-loved.
(Left)  Celestial Copper Ring            (Right) Copper Wrap Band Ring Verdigris
Copper is my favorite metal--it is so versatile! There is nothing more satisfying than transforming unmarred, shiny copper sheet metal into something hammered, shaped, and torched into a design element that appears weathered and ancient.
I have a versatile home studio filled with natural light (and many, many, plants) that I use for nearly every aspect of my art:  jewelry design, painting, photography, printing, packing and shipping. The metal working--hammering and torching--I save for a less flammable area that does not contain paint (or cats ;)
Coming later this year...adventures in soldering.