10 Things You Don’t Know About Artist and Jewelry Designer Catherine Jeltes

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
Here are ten random things you probably don’t know about me.
1.  I worked directly with elephants, rhinos, and hippos for seventeen years.  Nothing quite like having a sleepy rhino lay his head in my lap.
2.  I can hop on a pogo stick really, really, well.
3.  I am intrinsically and irrefutably a night owl, through and through.  Years of getting up at six am for work and having a child have not changed that, so why fight it?
4.  I have driven a bobcat.  Once.
5.  I ate ten scoops of ice cream, plus two toppings, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry, just to get my photograph on a bulletin board in an ice cream parlor while on vacation in 1999.  My lips were actually blue.
6.   I had a bullfrog as a pet as a child, along with various toads and box turtles.
7.  I went on a three mile hiking excursion that turned into an overnight camping trip and 26 miles.  I felt really empowered after that.  Unfortunately, one of my friends no longer hikes anywhere that there are not paved asphalt trails.
8.  While walking along a beach in Virginia, I found a seashell with a live baby octopus inside.  It was one of the most delicate and beautiful things that I still associate with that vacation.
9.  I was ultrasounding pregnant elephants when I was eight months pregnant.
10.  I love all kinds of music, ranging from Evanescence, Billy Joel, Nickelback,  to…yes, to Barry Mannilow.  OK, I admit it…I am a Mannilow fan.  And proud of it.

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