Woodland Birds and Dotty Nature Paintings

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
So you may or may not have noticed lately that I am into dots.  Any and all kinds of dots–big, small, teeny tiny, in a pair or barely there–I love ’em.  I think they make exceptional backgrounds for what might be considered “real” subjects, providing an unpredictable element of fun and whimsy.
“Dotty Chickadee” was my first thus inspired painting.  Chocolate/deep brown backgrounds are probably my absolute faves for warmth, depth, and richness…and chickadees–well, these tiny little birds seem just plain happy. 
“Dotty Owl” is my latest.  I based this piece on a barred owl named Danny.  He was a rehab bird as he only had one wing, and he was absolutely beautiful.  His design is a bit more intricate than the chickadee, but the results are well suited to the subject!
Both of these paintings are also available in my Etsy shop.