Painting In Progress: Contemporary Turquoise And Teal Color Abstract

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
My current painting in progress began with a turquoise and teal abstract flower concept on gallery wrapped linen primed with clear gesso.  As I have continued to apply layers of color, however, the paint and its application has begun to react with a power of its own; therefore  I am letting it flow and develop however it has a mind to do so.
The central shape present in the above image was the initial “flower”.  I am particularly pleased with the edges of what were once petals, with the manner in which the paint has formed delicate fingers of lace edging.  No longer a mere floral, the painting has taken on a more apocalyptic  and other-worldly feel, pulsing with the sort of energy I experience around the sea.
Another of my abstract paintings, Shiraz Wave, once began with a violet purple color and floral abstract concept. 
Postscript:  It’s complete!  See my finished painting, Poseidon’s Window.

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