Poseidon’s Window Emerges — A Contemporary Abstract Turquoise Landscape Painting

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
If you saw last week’s blog post, you will recognize this turquoise splash painting, Poseidon’s Window, as having developed from a near floral abstract.  Originally, the balance of the composition seemed off, so I did what any artist might do:  I rotated it for a change of perspective.  Here the painting has a better balance, and the eye of the viewer is more anchored by the placement of the moon.  The energy of the image is still there, but simply more controlled as the eye has guidance by the suggestion of a recognizable horizon line emerging from the churning watery vortex near the painting’s center, similar to a smaller abstract painting titled Sea Rain.
 Now far removed from its origins as  flower abstract art, the turquoise and green copper patina mix to great effect as an abstract seascape painting, reminding me of the stories in Greek mythology I treasured as a child.  The ocean, with all its mysteries and seduction, is a most tempestuous muse, as well as my favorite.