Using Pine Cones and Acorn Hats As Rustic Pendant Necklaces Catherine Jeltes

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
“Blush” by Catherine Jeltes
Quite simply, I love fall.  I love the colors:  vibrant oranges; reds; golden yellows; chestnut browns; mocha browns;  the textures:  cable knit sweaters; chenille blankets; pumpkin guts; knotted acorn hats; the sounds:  crunchy dried leaves; acorns pelting the sidewalk; crackling wood; laughing kids trick-or-treating;  the smells:  wet, fallen leaves after a rain; fire pits; hot cocoa and apple cider; dryer sheets in the evenings from the neighbors’ laundry.  So of course it makes perfect sense to take the charm of the season and work it into some jewelry designs.
Using a bit of Diamond Glaze or resin to preserve and protect the natural beauty, pine cones and acorn hats perfectly compliment gemstones and other jewelry making elements, creating a rustic one of a kind design component.  Here I used tiny pine cones in these pendant necklaces:
And here I used acorn hats with both gemstones and felt balls to create unique (and cute!) wearable acorn pendants:

So go for some walks and enjoy the season.  You never know what fall find might just be the perfect element for your next inspiration!  P.S.  You don’t make jewelry?  Use some glue and ribbon and turn these beauties into holiday decorations.