Rough Cut Gemstone and Blue Ocean Stone Pendant Necklaces, Catherine Jeltes, Gallery Zoo Art

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
With the start of 2014, my jewelry design studio is heading in a new direction.  Leading the way are these beautifully rustic pendant necklaces, two in fabulous rough cut gemstones:  citrine and February’s birthstone, amethyst.
Several new designs are ocean inspired.  Few stones reflect the depths and draw of the sea more than impression jasper.  For those who prefer silver, there is a teardrop pendant in hues of cobalt blue and midnight blue.  Those preferring a warmer toned metal may discover the bronze wrapped turquoise blue impression jasper as the perfect balance between sea and surf.
Perhaps my favorite so far are these circle earrings.  I’m delighted that many of these blue impression jasper gemstones are the perfect size for earrings.
These are just a few of the “newbies” that compliment the rustic and earthy look I love.  Stay tuned as I begin outfitting my studio with new design tools to begin my latest artistic journey!