Vintage Bingo Materials: A Perfect Addition To Your Arts and Crafts Toolkit

by Catherine Jeltes in Guest Posts
      Photo by Kathleen Cavalaro

Jewelry, Mixed Media, Altered Art… You Can Spice Them All Up With a Dash of Vintage Bingo

One of the things I love most about arts and crafts is that almost anything can be repurposed and made into something entirely new and exciting. Have old bicycle tire spokes? Just bend them and you can turn them into a cool little bracelet. Find a bunch of old bric-a-brac and assorted materials? Simply pull out your crafting kit and create a mixed media collage!

Recently, equipment associated with the old game of bingo has become a popular choice for arts and crafts and DIY enthusiasts. A simple search on Etsy yields a lot of results within a few seconds. Last year, Ken Erickson, the Theatre Program Manager at the State College of Florida, even crafted an elegant Elizabethan costume that incorporated recycled bingo buttons and sheets as well as other old repurposed materials.

What’s with all the brouhaha over all these old bingo materials? It can probably be traced to the massive advertising push that gaming companies are constantly pouring into the online bingo market. The market’s grown big enough in the past few years that even a supermarket chain like UK’s Iceland has its own bingo site: Iceland Bingo.

As these companies push bingo further into the spotlight, they seem to have also inadvertently stirred up memories and vintage leanings in today’s generation of arts and crafts aficionados. Vintage bingo materials have become pretty commonplace in online stores as well as yard sales.

This ready availability means that vintage bingo materials like markers and cards have found their way into the magic boxes of arts and crafts enthusiasts, and by the look of things, they’re here to stay. Here are a few ideas on the many wonderful mixed media projects you can make using them:

  •  Homemade bingo jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces) such as the ones being sold in online stores like Etsy
  •  Altered art collages. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest should quickly become your new best friend.
  •  DIY notebooks, sketchbook, and journals like those made by The Burlap Lady

With a little creativity and the right materials (and sometimes even the wrong ones!), you can easily make your own bingo-based arts and crafts projects.