Home Decor: Art Print Series Dried Flower Floral Still Life Prints

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
I adore pleasant surprises.  One of my most favorites is that unexpected gift which keeps on giving (cliche I know, but nonetheless true.)  This past fall, I was a volunteer in a program for a local chapter of Girls On the Run, a program that promotes developing and nurturing a healthy mind, body, and spirit for girls in third through fifth grade.  As a thank you from our school team, I received a rather colorful bouquet of daisies, roses, and chrysanthemums which I set in a vase beside my computer to brighten my workspace.  As the holidays approached and the season began in earnest, I noticed that instead of simply losing petals and decomposing, the flowers were actually drying out and developing another kind of beauty.

 The flowers were originally a brilliant yellow, but as they aged they developed a charming antique white, ivory, vanilla cream palette, which paired perfectly with a pale grey blue backdrop. 

The resulting images are dreamy…full of romance and nostalgia.  When grouped together, this series of dried flower portraits is perfect art decor for a rustic, handmade wedding…
 White Flower Botanical
 Or rustic elegance for a master bedroom.  And because they have a neutral palette, these fine art prints compliment nearly every home decor.  If you can’t wait for the bright colors of spring to start popping, you can view my Flower and Floral Photography Gallery for even more botanical prints.
All printing for images 13″ x 19″ and smaller is done in studio on professional Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, a museum quality, archival, 100% cotton ragg paper, with Ultra Chrome K3 inks that last 100+ years.  Each print is hand signed, professional quality fine art.