Modern Home Decor: Silhouette Photography Botanical Art

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
As much as I am full of active energy and often drawn to the busy, modern minimalism serves as my perfect balance.  Taking the transitions of nature and rendering them in silhouette form not only reduces botanicals to simple shape but also creates modern home design in bold neutrals of black and white. 
I marvel at how the dried base (or cone) of the tree’s summer flowers creates a charming winter beauty–simply stunning in silhouette!  In another Tulip Tree art print, I’ve added a touch of sepia, showing a bit more detail in the silhouette as well as providing a warmer tone to the overall image.
A simple sprig of Queen Anne’s Lace becomes a fusion of retro and modern when combining a black and white silhouette with a smudged border edge.
Using minimalist nature prints brings a fresh design approach to home decor.  The best part?  Whenever a palette change for a room is in order, neutral art compliments whatever the imagination dreams up!
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