Modern Floral Art: The Abstract Flower

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
Here in the Midwest, spring has sprung…and with it my artistic obsession for everything floral.  I am hard-pressed to remain in a blah mood when around flowers.  It is simply not possible. 
As I await the magnolias, daffodils, dogwoods and hyacinths to shake off the last bits of their winter slumber, I am celebrating spring along with the songbirds by creating a series of modern floral art:  abstract flowers on cotton ragg paper, using fluid acrylic paints.

Abstract Flower I, 5″ x 6″

The looseness of the paint and the fluidity of lines is energizing.

Abstract Flowers, 9″ x 12″

I enjoy how the abstract suggestion of petals impacts the negative space.

Abstract Flowers II, 8″ x 10″

And these are simply the joyful colors of summertime. 
These smaller projects keep my creative juices flowing while I work on larger canvas paintings and custom work designs.  You can keep tabs on my modern floral art in my Floral and Flower Paintings Gallery or in my Flower and Floral Photography Gallery.
Until next time…