New Work: Abstract Art Mixed Media Painting La Bonne Vie

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
I have had this canvas painting in varying stages of progress in my studio for probably over 2 years.  For whatever reason, I reached a point when I simply was not inspired to proceed.  And let me tell you, that painting looked nothing like La Bonne Vie, its final outcome.  In fact, the only remnants of its early stages are a tiny piece of dictionary text in the lower left quadrant and the raised textural layers, which I emphasized and continued to build on.
Viewed from the side, the raised textures create a whole other visual landscape.
I love adding French text to my mixed media paintings.  “La Bonne Vie”, meaning “the good life”, is not only the perfect sentiment but it adds visual balance to the composition.  Like the flowers, the text provides identity in the midst of the rustic abstraction.
If you like the rustic “paint peeling” quality of La Bonne Vie, you may also like the diptych painting Meadow Bloom.
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