What Is Summer? Art In the City

by Catherine Jeltes in Outside My Art
School buses have made their final rounds and the kiddos are home for the summer.  Summer is different for everyone.  Beyond the more standard fare of barbeques and swimming pools, we all have different things that evoke summertime for us.  When I was a kid (I’ll never say growing-up because I feel as if I am still growing-up), summer meant weekend trips to the lake house, donuts with Grandma on Sundays, and 4th of July fireworks watched from a boat on the lake.  It meant trips to Six Flags, popsicles, bike rides to the Seven Eleven for comic books, more time to torment my little brother, and summer reading club at the library.
Okay, so summertime is still summer reading club at the library…only this time its for Cardinal baseball tickets (yeah, suck it Cubs!)
Now summer is gardening–both flower and vegetable, making homemade pesto from fresh garden basil.  It is time spent traveling to visit family…and when very lucky, time spent going to (and trying not to stay forever) at the beach.
Here are some of my images that best illustrate my summertime:
A beach series that looks like retro postcards.  Need I say more?
Sailboats in Chicago…though I think I actually took this in November.  Hey, sometimes in the Midwest Lake Michigan is the closest beach you can manage.
Shell collecting.  My favorite beach activity.  Ever.
Sunflowers. Farmhouses and outdoor markets.  And lemonade.
Mason jars.  Canning fresh garden veggies and making jam.  Or peach cobbler like mom did one bumper crop summer.
The evening cicada symphony.
Sitting on the porch watching fireflies…or much more likely…watching the toads eat the fireflies.
What does summer mean to you?
(I’ll be back in Julytaking some time to enjoy the summer 🙂

Artwork in order of appearance:

  • Beach Read
  • Assateague Island
  •  Summer Beach Print Set
  • Vintage Style Sailboats
  • Seashell Collection
  • Sunflower
  • Juniper Berries
  • Cicada
  • Red Rocking Chairs
All artwork © Catherine Jeltes, Gallery Zoo Art. All Rights Reserved.