Art On The Work Table: In the Painting Studio

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
This week’s post is a bit short.
When not busy juggling the ins & outs of the art studio, I have had the awesome time-suck opportunity to investigate copyright violations of my artwork.  Good to know it appears I have joined the ranks of the visually infringed.  Sigh.  Moving on…
So here is my messy work table.  It isn’t pretty, but I’m sure no one has delusions that artists are neat and tidy, do they?
The painting in the foreground is brand-spanking new–I just began working on it last night.  The painting in the background is still–yes still–in progress, but I am finally seeing light at the end of this paint encrusted tunnel.  You may read more about this painting’s journey in Textured Mixed Media Painting In Progress.
The tools and the metal in the front right corner are for a copper pendant.  Here is a better detail:  
The stone is raw amethyst, which really stands out against the warm pinks and oranges of the copper, and the contrasting textures of the stone and metal compliment nicely.
Remember this piece of metal from Applying Heat Patina To Copper Sheet Metal?
Here is the finished bracelet:
Until next week…