Gallery Zoo Art Home Decor & Accessories On Fine Art America

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
I have partnered with Fine Art America to make my art available not only as prints, but also as iPhone cases, tote bags, pillows, and even shower curtains (I know, but they look so fun!)


Pillows and tote bags are available in a range of square sizes: pillows from 14×14 to 26×26 inches and tote bags in three sizes (13×13; 16×16; 18×18.)  Only select artworks are currently available on Fine Art America, but more art is always on the way.
You may wonder if there is a difference between buying my prints on Fine Art America and buying them on Etsy.  Yes, there is…and a crucial one.  When you shop on Fine Art America, you purchase directly from them–they manufacture the products and the merchandise ships directly from them.  Prints bought on FAA are NOT signed by me.  When you purchase prints from me on Etsy or, I either print them in my home studio or personally pick them up from the printing lab and hand-sign each print before packing and mailing to you.  Art prints from each online venue are professional quality…but the ones from my studio have the “extra touch” of the hand-signature that makes the prints more personal.  It all depends on what you prefer, really.
So if you are looking for some fun and unique home decor, please stop by Fine Art America.  I’d love to hear what you think!

All artwork © 2015 Catherine Jeltes, Gallery Zoo Art. All Rights Reserved.