Original Art: Abstract Mixed Media Painting Equinox

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
Il est fini.  After many phases, layers of paint, and varying textures, this large 24 x 36 inch mixed media painting titled Equinox is complete.  This painting truly was a labor of love.  The palette that evolved is warm and welcoming: the energy of the oranges and yellows balances with the coolness of the blues, resulting in a tranquil abstract that hums with life.  Copper is a favorite metal–particularly the color of the verdigris patina that emerges over time–so I integrated green-blue shades for a more rustic tone and feel.
Equinox is a fusion of nature’s two transitioning seasons, spring and fall, and invites close inspection and interaction with its textures. 
I chose to include the ginkgo leaves as an organic component for their ties to all things Zen–not only a fitting representation for the botanical element but also a link to serenity, tranquility, and mindfulness.
Do I always think these sorts of things out as I work through a painting?  I wish!  Sometimes…but most often I simply let the materials guide me.  As they are applied, the art design tends to reveal itself by how materials interact with the canvas and how components relate spacially within the composition as a whole.
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