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World Rhino Day: Where Do Rhinos Stand?

Toto, 20x30 Acrylic on Canvas Rhinos are endearing.  Despite their reputation for being fierce and aggressive, they can be amazingly gentle.  I cannot look into those eyes and see those wonderfully wrinkly lips and simply not be enchanted. September 22nd was World Rhino Day. …(continue reading)

Cool Nature: Eastern Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Disclaimer:  Though it would be far more glamorous to say I was out hiking knee-deep in native fauna with my hand-held magnifying glass, the reality was that I was taking out the garbage and recalled at the last minute my husband's warning not to step in the parsley because we have caterpillars. ...(continue reading)

Art On The Work Table: In the Painting Studio

This week's post is a bit short. When not busy juggling the ins & outs of the art studio, I have had the awesome time-suck opportunity to investigate copyright violations of my artwork.  Good to know it appears I have joined the ranks of the visually infringed.  Sigh.  Moving...(continue reading)

Love Amazing Art? Subscribe To Artwork Reveal

The September issue of Artwork Reveal is an amazing bouquet of floral, fauna, and nature. What exactly, you may ask, is Artwork Reveal?  Artwork Reveal is a free monthly e-mail list you subscribe to that essentially drops eye-candy art directly into your inbox.  All featured art is recent...(continue reading)

Applying Heat Patina To Copper Sheet Metal

If you work with copper metal, a simple way to create a unique finish is to apply a heat patina.  Here I used a 2" x 3" piece of copper sheet metal that I fold formed along the length, bending and folding it over then hammering to make it flat.  The result is a stronger, sturdier 1" x 3" metal...(continue reading)

Gallery Zoo Art Studio: Textured Mixed Media Painting In Progress

Back in February I wrote this post "Art Studio Bits:  Mixed Media Painting In Progress," showing the textural details and early color palette of a large 24" x 36" canvas.      At that time, the color palette was quite bright...the turquoise and orange very vivid. However,...(continue reading)

Art Painting In Progress: Zoo Art For Nursery--Giraffe

Yay!  My commission triptych--animal art paintings for a nursery--is at last complete.  At 10" x 20" x 1.5", the final painting of a baby giraffe is larger than the baby rhino and baby hippo...(or should I say taller?) making it perfect to vary the art display to suit the wall space. ...(continue reading)

Art Studio Bits: How A Simple Paint Palette Can Work For You

Many artists have favorite go-to colors.  Mine are blues and oranges.  With those two colors plus white, I can create a palette which includes green-blues, yellows, and many derivatives of gray. Take my two recent abstract paintings, for example.  Hard to believe I used exactly the...(continue reading)

Taking Risks: Why Trying Something New Is Worth It

I love trying new things and having new experiences...with other people.  On my own?  It's mostly just scary.  If you view yourself as an independent woman though (or even simply envision yourself as one), then this is something you must take a deep breath and just do.  Every. ...(continue reading)

What Is Summer? Art In the City

School buses have made their final rounds and the kiddos are home for the summer.  Summer is different for everyone.  Beyond the more standard fare of barbeques and swimming pools, we all have different things that evoke summertime for us.  When I was a kid (I'll never say growing-up because...(continue reading)