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Modern Floral Art: Indigo Flower Painting Series

  Flowers.   The loose brush strokes and fluid style in my abstract flower painting series captures the energy that resonates through Mother Nature as winter recedes and the earth begins to burst with new growth.   For the Indigo Blue Flower Series, I wanted something modern yet classic–and more unexpected than basic black.  Indigo… read more

Spring Is Coming! New Home Decor Florals To Brighten Your Space

  Ahhh…spring is in the air.   And with it, the urge to redecorate is strong.  As the days get longer and spring gets seductively closer, I find myself drawn to fresh color combinations to bring a new look and pop of color to my home decor.  It’s true you don’t need to spend a… read more

Original Art: Abstract Mixed Media Painting Equinox

  Il est fini.  After many phases, layers of paint, and varying textures, this large 24 x 36 inch mixed media painting titled Equinox is complete.  This painting truly was a labor of love.  The palette that evolved is warm and welcoming: the energy of the oranges and yellows balances with the coolness of the… read more

Painting in Black and White: A Bold Art Palette

October.    The month of Halloween.  The season of scary.  A time when fall fashion is in full swing.  The one color that fits all those things?   Black.   Black is a classic color for a reason.  Black is BOLD.  Black is striking.  It compliments both decor and wardrobe.  Black is modern and elegant. … read more

Art On The Work Table: In the Painting Studio

This week’s post is a bit short.   When not busy juggling the ins & outs of the art studio, I have had the awesome time-suck opportunity to investigate copyright violations of my artwork.  Good to know it appears I have joined the ranks of the visually infringed.  Sigh.  Moving on…   So here is… read more

Gallery Zoo Art Studio: Textured Mixed Media Painting In Progress

Back in February I wrote this post “Art Studio Bits:  Mixed Media Painting In Progress,” showing the textural details and early color palette of a large 24″ x 36″ canvas.            At that time, the color palette was quite bright…the turquoise and orange very vivid.   However, something about the composition… read more

Art Studio Bits: How A Simple Paint Palette Can Work For You

Many artists have favorite go-to colors.  Mine are blues and oranges.  With those two colors plus white, I can create a palette which includes green-blues, yellows, and many derivatives of gray.   Take my two recent abstract paintings, for example.  Hard to believe I used exactly the same colors of navy blue, rust orange, and… read more

Art Painting In Progress: Zoo Art For Nursery–Rhino

A couple of weeks ago I shared the first completed painting in my commission triptych of baby animal art for a nursery, along with this sketch of the next painting–a baby rhino.     Here is the completed 10″x10″ painting:   Baby Rhino, © 2015 Catherine Jeltes, Gallery Zoo Art. All Rights Reserved.   In… read more

Art Painting Series: Abstract Flower Blue

Flowers rock.  Quite simply, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, thrive in most any climate, and are in a constant state of transition.  They can be appreciated en masse as well as up close–with macro photography or even X-rayed.  How could I ever get bored?  My most recent art paintings are a series of… read more

Art Painting In Progress: Zoo Art For Nursery

Much of my time recently has been spent working on this charming painting series of zoo animals for a client’s nursery.  When completed, it will be a triptych (three paintings), two measuring 10″ x 10″ and the other measuring 10″ x 20″.    The first painting of the set is a baby hippo.  Because this… read more

New Work: Abstract Art Mixed Media Painting La Bonne Vie

I have had this canvas painting in varying stages of progress in my studio for probably over 2 years.  For whatever reason, I reached a point when I simply was not inspired to proceed.  And let me tell you, that painting looked nothing like La Bonne Vie, its final outcome.  In fact, the only remnants… read more

Modern Floral Art: The Abstract Flower

Here in the Midwest, spring has sprung…and with it my artistic obsession for everything floral.  I am hard-pressed to remain in a blah mood when around flowers.  It is simply not possible.    As I await the magnolias, daffodils, dogwoods and hyacinths to shake off the last bits of their winter slumber, I am celebrating… read more

Modern Home Art Decor: Flower Photography Prints Orchid Art

Ahh…life in the Midwest can be quite a meteorological adventure, particularly as late winter transitions to early spring.  Personally, I adore my four seasons AND I love snow, but I would be untruthful if I said the occasional 70 degree winter day did not make me long for the warm, sunny, and flower-filled days of… read more

Modern Home Decor: Silhouette Photography Botanical Art

As much as I am full of active energy and often drawn to the busy, modern minimalism serves as my perfect balance.  Taking the transitions of nature and rendering them in silhouette form not only reduces botanicals to simple shape but also creates modern home design in bold neutrals of black and white.    In… read more

Home Decor: Art Print Series Dried Flower Floral Still Life Prints

I adore pleasant surprises.  One of my most favorites is that unexpected gift which keeps on giving (cliche I know, but nonetheless true.)  This past fall, I was a volunteer in a program for a local chapter of Girls On the Run, a program that promotes developing and nurturing a healthy mind, body, and spirit… read more

Flower Photography Vintage Style: Magnolia Sunrise

As they say, spring has officially sprung here in the Midwest.  This time of year is a photographer’s flower market, and I intend to take full advantage of it!  My neighbors have the most magnificent magnolia tree that is the landmark of our backyards.  Living in the city, all of our postage stamp size lots… read more

Poseidon’s Window Emerges — A Contemporary Abstract Turquoise Landscape Painting

If you saw last week’s blog post, you will recognize this turquoise splash painting, Poseidon’s Window, as having developed from a near floral abstract.  Originally, the balance of the composition seemed off, so I did what any artist might do:  I rotated it for a change of perspective.  Here the painting has a better balance,… read more

Creating Vintage Style Fine Art Photography With Romance

  Traditional Photography Or Digital? When I studied fine art photography in college, it was traditional:  darkrooms, film, and chemicals.  As technology advanced, I swore I would remain a purist–no digital for me.  Uh uh.  No way.  My honeymoon trip to Italy convinced me otherwise.  Not wishing to track rolls and rolls of film through… read more

Spirit Bird Abstract Nature Canvas Painting

    “Spirit Bird” was not created so much from inspiration as from compulsion.    As I was drifting off to sleep a couple nights back, an image of colors came to mind:  earth tones of greens, browns, and white, similar to some jasper stones I had been working with on a jewelry piece.  It… read more