On the Canvas and Behind the Camera

I am passionate.

I am spirited.

I see the world around me through rose colored glasses (because without them, frankly, I can’t see AT ALL.)

I create with emotion and heart. Sometimes it may involve wine.

During my workday, a break might include saving a baby bunny from one of my overly enthusiastic cats or using a palette knife to pry apart Legos. Waving said palette knife in a threatening manner along with shouting “Put down the bunny!” is also an effective strategy.

I approach my photography the same as my painting. Taking the picture equals a blank canvas. Working with images in the digital darkroom (SO glad life has changed since my undergrad days and I can work in the chemical free daylight) I merge what the camera sees with what I see (you’d think this would be same. You would be wrong.) This is an effective approach to housework as well.

I work with acrylics because I do not have the patience to work with oils. Weeks to dry? Really? In my studio that is a recipe for a super textured mixed media work, or in other words, sharing DNA with my cats.


PAINTINGS: Each painting is an original, authentic piece of art created
and signed by me. Only professional grade acrylic paints and canvases
are used. Each painting is finished with a coat of satin gloss to
protect from UV light. Paintings are professionally packaged when

FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHS: Each print is made from an original image created by me
and personally printed by me on professional grade paper. For images and canvas prints larger than 13 x 19, I have partnered with a local professional photography lab.  Only the highest quality archival inks are used.
Every print is signed. Only acid-free archival mat boards are used.
Most prints are shipped flat in plastic archival sleeves; larger sizes may be rolled in a tube.


If you are ready to become part of the process of creating unique
and original art for your home or business, contact me to create art you
will enjoy for years to come.


“Life is a canvas–throw all the paint on it you want.”
–Danny Kaye