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Think Before You Cut Down That Tree

I have an affinity for trees. They set the stage for mood.  Ever walk into a grove of old trees?  They command respect simply by presence.  Lean against the trunk.  Soak up the warmth from the sun.  Feel the braille-like texture of bark beneath your hands.  Breathe deeply of the scent of soil and foliage. … read more

Flawed Beauty Is Perfection

Perfection. We are constantly inundated with what it means to be perfect–the perfect spouse, the perfect partner, the perfect friend, to have the perfect body.  To have “ideal” beauty–either for ourselves or in our home, society tells us things must look a certain way and if not, we are told what we need to do… read more

Cool Nature: Eastern Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Disclaimer:  Though it would be far more glamorous to say I was out hiking knee-deep in native fauna with my hand-held magnifying glass, the reality was that I was taking out the garbage and recalled at the last minute my husband’s warning not to step in the parsley because we have caterpillars.  So it is… read more

What Is Summer? Art In the City

School buses have made their final rounds and the kiddos are home for the summer.  Summer is different for everyone.  Beyond the more standard fare of barbeques and swimming pools, we all have different things that evoke summertime for us.  When I was a kid (I’ll never say growing-up because I feel as if I… read more

Wildlife Management: Why Short-Sightedness Is Simply Irresponsible

Let me start by saying today’s post has nothing to do with art.   Before becoming a professional artist, my career was in wildlife management, so after seeing this article, “US Army Corps of Engineers announces it will move forward with plan to slaughter 11,000 cormorants“, I was ticked off.  Not for what most would… read more

Healthy Living: Easy Herb and Feta Salsa

  If you are anything like me, you eat healthier when the recipe is fast, simple, and allows for a lot of variation. Here is my favorite base mix:  a non-spicy fresh salsa recipe made with herbs and feta cheese.  This salsa is great on crackers, with tuna, on toasted bread drizzled with olive oil… read more