Flower Photography Vintage Style: Magnolia Sunrise

by Catherine Jeltes in Inside My Artwork
As they say, spring has officially sprung here in the Midwest.  This time of year is a photographer’s flower market, and I intend to take full advantage of it!  My neighbors have the most magnificent magnolia tree that is the landmark of our backyards.  Living in the city, all of our postage stamp size lots are adjacent, allowing me to bask in the glory of this floral tree a mere two houses away.  With the windows open, its fragrance travels on the balmy spring breezes and fills my house with delicious floral scent.
In my latest photograph, Magnolia Sunrise, I gave these spring blossoms a warm, vintage style light and softened the edges of most of the blooms to enhance the romance.  I tend to be drawn towards a warmer lighting tone than not–for me it invites the viewer into the photograph, creating a friendlier image (sort of like the difference between a house and a home.)  And honestly–what color invites more romance than shades of red and pink?  Speaking of which, I can hardly wait for the waves of tulips to bloom…