Embossing Metal For Jewelry And Mixed Media Paintings

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
I have a new crush.  Oh yes–it’s true.  I’ve just watched an amazing video from B’Sue Boutiques that demonstrates how simple it is to emboss metal–something that I have been itching to delve into for both my vintage style jewelry designs and mixed media paintings.  The name of my new love?  A cuttlebug machine.  Typically this machine is used for scrapbooking and embossing paper, but as B’Sue demonstrates in her latest video “How To Use A Cuttlebug On Metal”, this handy and affordable soon-to-be-my-new-studio-staple has limitless design possibilities when used with metal.  30 gauge metal is perfect–thin enough to move easily through the machine without binding or breaking it; a good tip to know!  As soon as I have mine set up and operational, I’ll be sure to post some photographs of my experiences.  The best part is that once the embossing is done, I have only just begun.  Then it is on to the torch and adding color via patina like I’ve done here with this ring
Those blank brass stampings I’ve been holding will be taken to an entirely new design level (for me, at least!)  I can’t wait to get started (and of course, have another excuse to shop ;O)  If any of you have experience with either a cuttlebug machine or embossing metal, please share.  I’d love to hear about it.   

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