Wire Work Jewelry Pendants Three Quick Designs

by Catherine Jeltes in From My Design Studio

Recently I had the misfortune of losing my internet connection for 3 days.  Yep.  Three.  Whole.  Days.  What’s a girl to do?  Aside from making daily treks to Starbucks and Panera to check e-mail, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to work on new jewelry designs and play with wire.  The three stones had been sitting on my desk for months (I knew I wanted them together in a design but I had yet to decide how) and I am thrilled with what has emerged.  I love how the stones are united yet remain separate, and how each can move individually on its own segment of wire–a wonderfully rustic fidget pendant!  The teardrop and near open heart designs were experiments of twisting, hammering, and wrapping wire, then adding patina via torch and Guilder’s Paste.  Now it’s just a matter of determining complimentary components to complete each piece.  Stay tuned…