How I Use My iPhone To Market and Manage My Art Business

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits

I love my iPhone.

You probably hear many other people say this, but probably not for the reason I am about to give you.
I love my iPhone for marketing and managing my online art business.
Before I got my iPhone, I never had a smart phone.  My phone–which I reluctantly carried once I became a parent–was used to make phone calls, period.  I didn’t even text.
The landscape of online selling platforms has changed drastically in the past several years, catering their marketing capabilities and visual formats to mobile users.  In order to stay competitive, I caved and joined the ranks of iPhone devotees.  Here is how my iPhone helps me market and manage my online art business more effectively:
  1.  The Sell On Etsy App.  This app is specifically for mobile devices, and allows me to manage my shop on the go.  My phone now notifies me with a loud audio CHA-CHING every time I make a sale, as well as allows me to post Shop Updates instantly from anywhere, linking my update directly to any item in my shop.  Honestly, this app is worth it for the “cha-ching” sound alone.
  2. The high quality on-the-go camera.  Now, I don’t take my print photography on my phone, but my iPhone camera allows me to take artfully exposed still life images for my shop updates, blog, and social media posts–I can even edit them directly on my phone if I want to crop or tweak the exposure.  This saves me EONS of time as I don’t have to use my slr camera, hook it to my PC, download the images, then edit them in PhotoShop just to get a quick image.  Plus, the images are so high quality I can use them as references for my art paintings.

         Room image of canvas art on wall                                                                                                                                                                                                   3.  I can customize my iPhone with my own art on a case.  Using Fine Art America, I purchased a custom phone case using one of my paintings.  Now every time I use my phone in public there is an opportunity for someone to see and ask about my art.  Bonus. 

4.  I can manage all of my e-mail accounts in one location.  Self-explanatory, but I can contact clients and monitor all of my art sales on the go.
5.  I can post directly to my social media accounts from my phone.  Enables me to keep fans and clients in the loop–as well as touching base on-the-go (not just from my studio.)
6.  I can make in-person sales directly from my phone.  Yep, using the Sell On Etsy app, I can accept payments via credit card on my phone–and the inventory in my shop will immediately reflect the sale…meaning I don’t have to sort through my listings later.  Yippee!
What do I do with all the extra time I have now?  Create more art of course!
 All artwork © Catherine Jeltes, Gallery Zoo Art. All Rights Reserved.
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