My Beading Zen Appears To Be On Vacation (or Oh Wait…It’s The Weekend)

by Catherine Jeltes in From My Design Studio
I’ve been told (shown, actually) that I don’t need to make big elaborate posts to be more consistent with my blogging.  So today, my advice from the beading studio is this:
1.)  When wire wrapping anything, always cut more wire than you think you will need.  Because inevitably you will need more, no matter what length of wire you initially cut.  This will save you from having several tiny pieces of wire that require you to hold, spin, tighten, and wrap simultaneously, which in turn will save you from needing a glass of wine at 10am just to calm down.
2.)   Recognize that yes, it is time to cave and go ahead and purchase those damn reading glasses already.  Even if they are needed only for beading.  You will decide that they are super cute and enable you to pull off the Super Sexy Librarian Look which you’ve never been able to pull off before because whenever you took off your normal glasses you were essentially blind and instead of bowling over your husband, wife, or significant other with your hotness all you managed to do was get concerned looks and offers of assistance.
3.)  Never try to write a blog post when your six year old is home and not in school.
If you like the above photograph (and yes, those are my damn reading glasses), you can find it here:   Beach Read Fine Art Photograph

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