A Bit Of Summer Wildflower Nature Photography In Virginia

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits

Just got back from our annual summer trip to Virginia and let me say–oh the wildflowers!  There is not a lot to do in rural Virginia save for lots of outdoor and nature recreation (which is fine by me), so much of my down time was spent admiring and photographing the plethora of blooming plants and wildflowers.  Queen Anne’s Lace was in particular abundance–in pastures, gardens, and along roadsides.  I love how each stage of bloom on this particular wildflower offers such unique imagery.  Here, the flower is not fully blooming–but I think it is almost more beautiful from this minimalist perspective. 
Another garden staple, English Lavender, takes on a more ethereal appearance in the golden light of dawn.  On an incredibly windy summer’s day, it was fun trying to capture a bit of this herb in detail while allowing the rest to blur dramatically.
I have other photos I’ve yet to work with, including some dramatic shots of teasel, a member of the thistle family.  In the interim, you can see this wildflower photography and more on my Etsy website.