Photography Pumpkin Prints Autumn Fall Art

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
I had a delightful surprise this summer when I realized our pumpkins from last fall managed to quite successfully re-seed themselves in our vegetable garden.  (Apparently if you use mini pumpkins to decorate winter snowmen it is important not to forget about them once the snow melts–you will be reminded of your neglect later.)  So before I giddily decorated our mantle with freshly harvested tiny pumpkins in July (yes, you read that correctly), I did what any artist would do:  I took pictures and created a series of charming still life photographs and prints.
Mini Pumpkins by Catherine Jeltes
Sepia Pumpkin by Catherine Jeltes
Autumn Fest by Catherine Jeltes
Autumn Fest is a print I created digitally using several components of some of my other photographs and prints.  I adore the stem and vine on this pumpkin so much, I can’t help but see it as the perfect Halloween perch for my little hummingbird silhouettes.  And the acorns and dots?  Just a bit of added whimsy.
Still Life Pumpkin Latte
 Happy Fall ♥