Art Prints: How To Make Different Prints From One Painting

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
In April I wrote a blog post titled “Art Photography:  How To Use One Image To Make Different Prints.”  The same concept can be applied to using a single painting to make different prints.  Ever create a painting and wonder how it would look–or sell–in a different palette?  Here is where you can experiment inexpensively.  And if the print doesn’t sell–or doesn’t sell well–you won’t be left with extra stock.
My original painting–Of Indigo and Copper–was done in an inky blue and copper palette and was only 6″ x 6″:
On a whim, I began to play with the color adjustment in PhotoShop. 

And for those who prefer the more traditional red heart…
I recommend always photographing (or scanning) your original artwork as a large high resolution file so you have the option to offer prints in a range of sizes.  This Heart A Flutter print series is offered as 13″ x 13″ fine art giclee prints–double the size of the original artwork.  And I have the option to print them at other sizes as well.
Pull your art into your digital studio and experiment.  You may find not only find a whole new world, but discover an additional income stream as well!
All artwork © 2015 Catherine Jeltes, Gallery Zoo Art. All Rights Reserved.