St. Louis Springtime Flower Tour Via iPhone

by Catherine Jeltes in Studio Bits
Spring has arrived in St. Louis in glorious scented color.  As it’s quite simply too beautiful to be cooped up in my studio, I’ve decided to try an experiment and tour my neighborhood with my iPhone, snapping photos of spring as I go.  Here is a snippet of my discoveries…
  Star Magnolias.  The first to arrive.
I’m sure they have a fancier name, but I refer to these as the “regular” magnolias.  They are my fave…and I am not necessarily what you’d call a “pink” type of girl.
Daffodils and purple hyacinths.  Together they are absolutely striking!
Bradford pear tree blossoms and the brief but oh-so-vibrant forsythia shrub.
A rare find in front yard landscaping in my neighborhood:  hellebore.  Gorgeous!

Last but not least…a weeping cherry tree.  A fountain of showy blooms that only lasts about a week.  Sitting beneath this floral “umbrella” and listening to dozens upon dozens of bees drone in a buzzing symphony is amazingly tranquil and a favorite spring rite.
So yeah…I deem my iPhone camera experiment a success.  Now if I can just transfer my photos to my PC without e-mailing them…!
All photography © Catherine Jeltes, Gallery Zoo Art. All Rights Reserved.  Use without express permission of artist is a violation of copyright law.